Business Invoices

Another trillion dollar opportunity

The Secret World Behind the Invoice

Every invoice has a story. Think of it as a ticket to a grand ball. The seller sends out these 'tickets' in hopes of getting their due payment for the goods or services they've provided. But often, these tickets don't get immediately cashed in. Instead, they float in the financial realm, waiting for their time to shine.

The Fintech Revolution: Flipping the Script

Now, imagine these tickets could be traded, exchanged, or sold, all while the grand ball is still in full swing. This is where the fintechs come into play. They're like the savvy ticket brokers, ensuring that those holding these tickets get immediate value, without waiting for the ball to end. They've opened up a marketplace, a bustling dance floor where invoices are the currency, and liquidity the music.

Choosing the Right Dance Moves

But not all dances are the same. Depending on the risk involved, the steps change:

  1. Buyer's Waltz: This is a graceful, predictable dance where the buyer's reputation precedes them. Here, the buyer's promise to pay is as good as gold. The steps are straightforward, with no unexpected twirls.
  2. Seller's Salsa: Spicy and unpredictable! When the seller takes the lead, there's always a chance they might miss a step. They've received the advance, but will they deliver on their promise? It's a dance of trust, and often, of monitoring.

The Unsung Heroes: Escrow Accounts

Imagine a vigilant dance instructor, ensuring every move is on beat and every step is in place. That's the role of an escrow account. It holds the funds, ensuring no missteps occur, releasing them only when the dance is flawlessly executed. It's the unsung hero of the invoice dance, guaranteeing that both parties gracefully glide across the floor without stepping on each other's toes.

So, Why Dance the Invoice Dance?

Because it's where tradition meets innovation. It's where old-world invoicing waltzes with modern fintech solutions. And Kona? Kona is the grand ballroom, the stage, the platform where this intricate dance unfolds, ensuring every participant, be it buyer, seller, or investor, gets to dance to their heart's content, all while enjoying the rhythm of seamless liquidity.