Assigning Capital

After the Voting Period has concluded and we moved to the Assign Capital Status, we can assign each Oracle the capital they deserve according to the votes they received by calling:

  • assignCapitalAfterVoting: this function takes the oracles that you want to update/assign capital to. It will ignore all the oracles that already have been assigned capital or received less than 0.1% of the pools votes, so you can just add all oracles of the pool.

Oracles can now accept capital with this function:

  • acceptCapitalAssigned: it takes the amount accepted and can only be called inside the assign capital or cycle status. When called in the cycle the capital needs to be manually assigned.

If an oracle decides to not accept capital the capital is idle and can be manually assigned by the Pool Admin during the first 2 days of the cycle using the function:

  • manuallyAssignCapital: it takes a list of oracles and amounts that you (as admin) want to assign to the oracles