Nako is a new type of lending pool that allows users that don't want to be exposed to BRL/BRZ, to enter into the Kona Ecosystem with USDT.

It is a type of lending pool that allows LPs to provide BRZ at a fixed interest rate (yield depends on usage) and lenders to borrow at a fixed rate and 100% LTV for the sole purpose of entering the Kona Ecosystem.

The ratio for lending is being determined by a price oracle receives a price every so often and then forms a TWAP price.

Any win or loss will be converted in the according users currency for better usability.

If there is a win the part that is more than the interest rate will be converted into USDT that the borrower than can withdraw as his profit.

If there is any loss the USDT as collateral will be converted into BRZ and be used to cover the interest and loss.