Integrate with our Smart Contract

In order to integrate with our Smart Contract, contact us so that we can create a Provider for you, whitelist your wallet and provide you as well with a Bearer token to use our API.

Once everything is setup, the steps to create a loan are:

  1. Register your borrower's CNPJ with us.
  2. Create your loan by sending a transaction to the smart contract.
  3. Lock the receivables on your side to us.
  4. Call our endpoint to request loan approval by providing us with the receivables that you locked.
  5. Wait for the loan to be invested.
  6. On investment, BRZ will be released from the smart contract into the ramp address so that it can be converted into BRL and sent directly to the borrower (Pix).
  7. On every receivable repayment, you will accumulate fees that you can claim from the smart contract.